Tonite´s film Sherlock Holmes has been canceled due to weather 6/16

Ah June…foiled by Mother Nature again.  Check back with us later and we will try and fit this in during the summer!  Sorry!!!

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  1. Last night’s weather was beautiful! People showed up in the park looking for the movie. Is there anyway to post on the bulletin board outside if you are going to cancel? How else were we supposed to know that you would cancel on a perfectly beautiful night??

    • Sorry you were frustated,frustrated! So were we!! Unfortunately it’s a small group of volunteers who do the set up and generally if the chance of rain on is past 50% we often will cancel by 6pm. Wind or rain can damage our equipment so we are cautious if the future cast for Jersey City for the eve btw 7-11pm is problematic as well. We will however always POST the cancellation on this website-and if you are on our Filmsinvanvorst mailing list you will receive an email as well.
      Let’s keep our fingers crossed for a beautiful night and if you would like to join us in the set up we will be there around 7-7:30–we’d love a few extra volunteers!!
      Thanks for emailing us and hopefully we’ll see you on Wednesday the 23rd!

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