July 25th “Drive By History” &”Raiders of the Lost Ark” 8:00 PM


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Drive By History

with Host Ken Magos

DRIVE BY HISTORY, a PBS series airing on NJTV, that explores local events and how they shaped American history, will be joining us for a first look at an episode on WWI featuring Jersey City and the Black Tom explosion, a stealth attack carried out by saboteurs on July 30th, 1916 right here in our own backyard! Made possible by PROVIDENT BANK, come to the park, watch DRIVE BY HISTORY and discover what happened and how events still impact life today. Host, Ken Magos will be here, presenting the episode and answering questions immediately following as we prepare for our feature presentation of…. providentbanklogo-crop-u3071





Raiders of the Lost Ark

directed by Steven Spielberg

The spectacular 1981 cliff-hanger, non-stop action/adventure film was an immensely successful summer box-office hit. The film was conceived by producer George Lucas and directed by Steven Spielberg. Significantly, this was the first full collaboration between the two legendary American film-makers.

In 1936, archaeologist and adventurer Indiana Jones is hired by the U.S. government to find the Ark of the Covenant before Nazis can obtain its awesome powers.

Starring Harrison Ford and Karen Allen.

***special event; Following the screening we will have an inside look at the making of the film; a Q & A with VVP resident Martin Casella who was Steven Spielberg’s assistant during the production of Raiders and has tales of behind the scenes adventures you don’t want to miss!

click below to view the original trailer


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