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  1. Peter Madison

    Is the movie scheduled for tonight, 6/22, going to be postponed because of the forecast of thunderstorms?

  2. Hi Peter

    We are trying to figure that out right now…we give ourselves till 7pm to see how the weather is looking…
    we will post on jclist and here if we postpone
    keep your fingers crossed!

  3. Is there any movie being shown today?

  4. Hi – when are the 2012 summer movies starting? I don’t see any dates/list at all anywhere.


  5. Any chance there will be movies in Van Vorst this summer?

  6. What movie will be playing Friday July 19??

  7. Not sure if you are aware, but September 4th is Erev Rosh Hashana, the evening welcoming the Jewish New Year. Not sure if that would make a change to your schedule, but I know we will be sad to miss the last movie of the summer.

  8. Is the movie still on tonight?

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  10. Are you still open tonight for movies in the park ? With the inclement weather approaching at 6/7pm.

  11. Is Lion still on the schedule for tonight in Van Vorst Park? Where in the park. thank you

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