We are always looking for  volunteers who might be interested in helping out in fundraising, graphic design (posters, cards), and audio-visual (setup/take-down).

Donations from individuals are also welcome. We are a non-profit organization and your contribution will be tax-exempt. All our team members work on a volunteer basis and the money collected all goes towards purchase and maintenance of equipment, publicity and movie rentals.

If you are interested in volunteering or helping out in any way please send us an email to: vvpanews@gmail.com

  1. I have movie group for jersey city residents
    was watching in bars
    if you send me 2009 movie list,will update meetup group.


  2. HI!

    Thanks for the note! As soon as we finalize our list I will let you know!

    All the best

    Marlene Sandkamp

  3. I keep meaning to help setup / take down, but I keep getting the days wrong. email me and I can give you my phone # so you can call when you’re ready to begin setting up.

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